Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CrossFit at the Arnold Sport Festival

"Kick-off the Games Season with this year's top contenders"

Register to test your fitness beside some of the top athletes from the CrossFit Games.  The weekend will be packed with classic workouts so that you can compete side by side with Rich Froning, Austin Malleolo, Josh Everett, Camille LeBlanc, Kevin Montoya, Mikko Salo, Christy Phillips, Miranda Oldroyd, Rob Orlando, Graham Holmberg, Matt Chan, Ben Smith, Dan Bailey, Jason Khalipa, and many more.

This is also the ONLY chance that the community will have to complete the final three WODs from the 2010 Games.  We'll have an exact replica of the course rebuilt inside the Grand Ballroom.  That's right...the walls are back in action for this weekend only!  As a kicker, you'll have Games Athletes and HQ Trainers coaching/judging you through the WODs.  You can't do this at your local box!

Even if you do not plan to compete, this is going to be a great weekend.  Kick off the 2011 Games Season with some of the top athletes from Team Rogue and Team Again Faster; pick up some new gear and meet with members of Reebok's outreach program; and join us for an after party on Saturday night.

Schedule for the weekend (subject to change, of course):
Friday - 9am - 4pm: Register and compete in up to four classic named CrossFit workouts.  Games athletes will be throwing down as well, going for new world records in classic named workouts.  Not to be missed.

Saturday - 9am - 4pm: Sign-in for a slot to compete in the final 3 workouts from the 2010 Games.  Games Athletes and HQ Trainers will be on hand to coach people through the workouts, and also swap coaching tips with all comers.

Saturday - 7pm - 10pm+: Meet us for a Reebok-sponsored after party with the whole crew.

Sunday - 9am - 2pm: Top men and women competitors from Saturday's Games workouts will be paired and compete for top team of the weekend.  Prizes to be awarded for top three finishing teams.  Workouts will be announced Sunday morning

The cost for the weekend is $20, in addition to cost of entry to the Arnold Classic itself.  Remember that if you want to check out the other cool stuff going on at the Arnold Sports Festival it will run you an additional $10 for the weekend.  Book now since the weekend is going to be sold out FAST!!!

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