Monday, September 5, 2011

Posted Workouts - Explanation

Ever wonder what lifts we are doing each day? Check out our website to see our weightlifting workouts, which includes the working sets, reps, and %'s of the lifts we will perform that day.
Back squat: 4X3 @ 80% of best (or) heavy single is an example of how a lift along with the sets, reps, and % will be posted. In this example, 4 is the # of working sets. 3 is the # of reps to be completed in a set. To find 80% of an athletes best (1 repetition maximum "1RM"), or heaviest weight lifted (i.e. heavy single, double, triple, ect.) in back squat, you should multiple their best or heaviest weight lifted by 80%. If an athletes best is 150 kilograms, then you would multiple 150 kg by 80% (0.80). In this example, the athlete should start their first working set of back squat at 120 kg (150*0.80 = 120).

What will not be posted are the following routines that our athletes perform before every workout:
General warm-up
- Leg swings (side+side / front+back) X 10 each leg
- Inverted hamstring X 5 each leg
- Dynamic quad X 5 each leg
- Instep lunge + reach X 5 each leg
- Leg cradles X 5 each leg
- Side+side lunges X 5 each leg
- Calf raises X 10 each leg
Triple warm-up
- RDL X 6
- Military press X 6
- Free-standing squats X 6
Shoulder pre-hab (YTWL's) 2 X 6
Specific warm-up:
- Clean warm-up (or) Snatch warm-up (or) Clean+jerk warm-up

The warm-up sets / reps for each lift will not be posted. The athletes at Central KY Weightlifting use our Warm-up Progression Chart to determine what weight to use for their warm-up sets.  

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