Friday, March 16, 2012

Equipment Sale!!

Below is a list of all the equipment that we are selling, along with pricing information. If you are interested in purchasing something or if you have any questions, please contact us at .

Half rack       Price = $800 per half rack
We are selling 4 half racks ($800 per rack). The racks were manufactured by The Equipment Guys.  Each half rack comes equipped with a self-storing bench, dip attachment, and step up platform. A lifting platform is also included with each rack.
Werksan (KG) bumper plates    Price = $2.25 per kilogram
Plate                      Quantity              Price per plate
20KG                     8                              $45.00
15KG                     4                              $33.75
10KG                     4                              $22.50

Black (LB) bumper plates       Price = $0.75 per pound
Plate                      Quantity              Price per plate
45LB                       4                              $33.75
35LB                       2                              $26.25

Glute ham machines      Price = $125.00 per machine
We are selling 2 glute ham machines ($125 per machine).
Lat pulldown machine   Price = $95.00
45LB barbells                      Price = $20.00 per bar
25LB barbells                      Price = $15.00 per bar

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