Saturday, March 15, 2014

3/17/14 - 3/21/14



Halting snatch + snatch: work up to a heavy single
*Pause 2 sec at the top of the knee and power position*

Front squat: 6X2 @ 75% of best

On the minute for 8:00...
Push press X 5

Wt'ed hyper ext X 10


Clean(2) + halting jerk: work up to a heavy set
*Pause 2 sec at the bottom of the dip and split position*

Snatch balance: 8X1 @ 55% of best snatch
*Do 1 set every 1:00*

Tabata pull-ups
Rest 1:00
Tabata ab/core exercise of your choice


Snatch: work up to 85% of your best from last Thursday (3/13/14)

Clean: work up to a heavy single

Clean pull: 3X2 @ 97% of heavy single
1-leg box jumps: 3X3 each leg
*Do a set of 1-leg box jumps after every set of clean pulls*

Static abs 3X12 seconds


Jerk: work up to a heavy single

Pin back squat: 6X2 @ 70% of best
*Do 1 set every 1:00*

Abs - your choice

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